Business Alliance

Pile DynamicsPile Dynamics, Inc, is the largest manufacturer of foundation dynamic testing equipment in the world. A superb team of electronic engineers, software developers and technicians make the constant development of the PDI line of products possible. PDI excels in product quality and customer support, and is approved as an Authorized Provider of Educational Programs on Deep Foundation Testing by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).


meditherm_logo_whiteMeditherm was formed in 1991 in Brisbane Australia, in order to provide thermal imaging services to hospitals and other medical professionals. Meditherm is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer and its camera are designed and built exclusively for medical / clinical applications including mass fever screening, breast thermography, bone spur screening, medicine & musculoskeletal disorders…etc.


Impact-Echo InstrumentsImpact-Echo Instruments is the world leader in developing and marketing impact-echo technology for evaluating concrete and masonry structures, catering to construction managers, DOT engineers, and forensic test consultants. Impact-Echo systems can measure thickness of concrete plates such as pavements, retaining walls, and tunnel walls, in compliance with ASTM Standard C1383-98a. They can also measure the depth of surface-opening cracks, and determine the location, depth and extent of cracks, voids, delaminations, honeycombing and debonding in plain and reinforced structures.


ProceqProceq is a global leader in the development and distribution of portable, non destructive concrete test equipment that enables contractors to improve their performance while lowering their costs for on-site investigations of concrete properties.With the Profometer 5+ and the Canin+, Proceq presents an ideally matched package solution for the location and analysis of reinforcing bars in the concrete: after getting a clear picture of the reinforcement of the concrete with the rebar detection equipment the user is able to examine the corrosion potential with the corrosion analyzing equipment. With the Profoscope, Proceq combined a rebar detector and a concrete cover meter into one fully integrated, cordless instrument that stands out from traditional test equipment through its unique real-time rebar visualization. Proceq invented the Original Schmidt hammer, the world’s first and most widely used test equipment for concrete strength properties. The latest generation of test hammers, the Silver Schmidt PC/ST provides unmatched repeatability and combines the best of the Original Schmidt test equipment with state-of-the art technology.